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The priority homeowners, business owners, retailers, architects, and engineers are picking polished concrete floor for a reason. It’s simple to put; aesthetics, effortless maintenance, uniqueness, and light reflectivity are a few of the reasons.

Polished concrete flooring is an art that we at Florida Epoxy Pros have perfected to any one’s admiration and satisfaction. The system of polished concrete flooring is designed to last way longer, and with it, the need for expensive coverings and coating is eliminated. This system requires no maintenance like some others.
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Perhaps the endless array of decorative options that come with it makes polished concrete the most desirable flooring system. With such flexibility, the craftsman gets enough room to create a wide array of designs for stunning and unique floors. Besides, concrete is increasingly being used as a favorite building material in the world among other reasons because it is designed to be durable, tough, practical and sustainable Our Tampa profession flooring installers have the tools and equipment required for your dream polished the concrete floor. Their keenness to perfection and impeccable craftsmanship make them your go-to for the kind of service you desire for your home.

Note that at Florida Epoxy Pros, our service is not only to repair and do installations but also the assistance we give you in choosing flooring and tile designs that reflect your personality and lifestyle.


Advantages Of Polished Concrete Flooring

  • Harder and stronger than other floor systems
  • Does not lift, flake or peal
  • Has a dense surface that serves as protection against absorption of oil and contaminants
  • The ability to resist tire marks from fork trucks and any tire running object
  • More resistant to abrasion than unfinished concrete
  • Comes without any hydrostatic / vapor pressure issues
  • No cure schedule is required at installation
  • It appears Flatter, accurate and with a more level surface

Environmental Benefits Of Polished Concrete Flooring

  • Suitable for dry and dust-controlled equipment that filters out almost all airborne dust
  • Helpful in LEED projects
  • Does not require any coating, waxes, urethane or any applied topical coatings
  • Does not need any application odors

Environmental Benefits Of Polished Concrete Flooring

  • Has no downtime as the chemical processes cure
  • The initial costs are lower compared in comparison to other floor coverings
  • Has a single time application with less maintenance
  • Lower cost of maintenance and has very little wear or fading on cleaning equipment and consumables
  • Has quite a significantly durable life cycle

Polished Concrete Tiles

Among today’s popular trends is the attractive raw texture of the concrete look tile. Florida Epoxy Pros calls your attention to an Italian product range that comprises a unique pattern on each tile used, internally and externally. With this product, the pattern is not repeated, and that is the uniqueness of the beauty it comes with. The tile is of premium quality, non-porous and does not require any sealing or maintenance. It comes with exposed aggregates and a range of neutral tones that appear like concrete which has been walked on uncountable times.


Most tiles that appear insight like concrete are glazed porcelain, and the huge benefit of a glazed porcelain tile is that once fully installed, there is no need for maintenance and sealing like with other tiles.

The tile industry’s response to the popularity of natural looking polished concrete tiles, got the Italian, Spanish and Asian tile manufacturers to begin producing almost true to concrete look tiles. Florida Epoxy Pros has them in abundance and at affordable prices.

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